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Do you own a vacation rental and aspire to achieve maximum profitability while expanding your customer base? If so, one of the most significant aspects that potential guests consider when choosing a hotel, resort, or rental is the availability of amenities. 

Offering modern and unique amenities in vacation rentals ensures that your rental stands out from the competition, attracts a steady stream of guests, and ultimately drives higher profits. Incorporating the right amenities also provides a memorable stay for your guests, fostering positive reviews and repeat bookings.

So, let’s explore the top amenities that will attract guests to your Anna Maria vacation home.

Pet-Friendly Environment

In today’s travel landscape, where travelers seek memorable experiences and the freedom to include their furry companions in their adventures, catering to pet owners has become a crucial factor for vacation rental owners. 

The demand for pet-friendly accommodations is rising, with approximately 13% of reservations booked on rental booking platforms, including at least one dog. As an investor in the vacation rental market, recognizing and capitalizing on this trend can be a game-changer for your property’s success and profitability.

On average, vacation rentals that welcome dogs tend to enjoy rental incomes 10-20% higher than those that don’t, along with a 6% higher overall occupancy rate. These statistics speak volumes about the growing demand for pet-friendly accommodations and the immense potential for increased revenue by catering to this niche market.

It is essential to establish clear and comprehensive pet policies and guidelines to ensure that your vacation rental stands out as a top choice for pet owners. Clearly define the number and size of pets allowed and any specific rules or restrictions necessary to maintain a comfortable and satisfying environment for all guests. Communicate these policies effectively on your website, listing platforms, and booking confirmation emails to set expectations immediately.

However, going the extra mile to create a truly exceptional experience for pets and their owners sets your vacation rental apart. You can provide additional amenities like dog water bowls and waste bags, ensuring your guests have everything they require to care for their pets during their stay. 

Creating a pet-friendly environment also requires practical adjustments to your property. Opt for flooring options resistant to scratches and stains, such as hardwood or tile, to withstand the occasional pitter-patter of paws. Installing secure fencing or gates in outdoor areas allows pets to roam freely within designated spaces while ensuring their safety. 

Modular Kitchen

The kitchen serves as the heart of modern homes, and it holds particular significance for guests during longer stays at vacation rentals. Providing a well-equipped kitchen that exceeds their expectations is crucial to ensure guest satisfaction. The great news is that with high-quality amenities and thoughtful touches, you can easily differentiate your vacation rental from the rest of the short-term rental crowd. Here are a few:


A family-sized dishwasher is an essential amenity in any vacation rental home, as guests prefer to enjoy their vacation rather than do dishes.

Washer & Dryer

A washer and dryer are essential amenities that many vacation rental guests consider imperative, particularly for longer stays, as it allows them to save money and pack lighter, knowing they can do laundry at the rental property.

Dining Area

While formal dining rooms may be less common these days, the significance of gathering together for meals remains a highlight of family or group vacations. Therefore, providing a well-equipped and comfortable dining space is crucial to cater to this need.

Coffee Maker

To leave a long-lasting impression on your esteemed guests, including a luxury espresso machine in your vacation rental is highly recommended. Enhance this offering by providing top-notch, preferably locally roasted coffee, and rest assured that your guests will fondly recall their exceptional stay at your property.

Tech Amenities

Another way to impress your guests is by offering high-tech amenities that enhance their comfort and convenience. Incorporating smart home devices and the following extras can significantly improve the guest experience.


When catering to business travelers, digital nomads, or individuals seeking a “workstation” experience, it is imperative to provide a reliable Wi-Fi connection. A robust and consistent internet connection is necessary for these guests, as it allows them to stay connected, conduct business activities, and maintain productivity while away from their usual work environment.

When the walls of your vacation rental may be thick or the Wi-Fi signal is weak, installing Wi-Fi boosters strategically throughout the property is advisable. Placing these boosters in key areas can ensure a solid and reliable Wi-Fi signal reaches every corner of the rental property. 

This proactive measure ensures that guests have uninterrupted connectivity, enabling them to work efficiently and enjoy a seamless online experience.

Smart TV

Not all guests necessarily desire to engage in constant sightseeing and exploration during their stay. For those seeking relaxation and leisure within the confines of the vacation rental, offering an over-the-top (OTT) platform subscription on a well-sized smart TV can provide a delightful and entertaining experience. 

This thoughtful amenity allows guests to unwind and enjoy light-hearted content from the comfort of their accommodations, catering to their desire for relaxation and leisurely enjoyment.

Adapters and chargers

Universal adaptors and chargers are affordable amenities that your guests will significantly value. Providing these convenient accessories demonstrates attentiveness to their needs and ensures they can easily charge their electronic devices while staying at your vacation rental. 

Additionally, it is important to ensure ample charging points throughout the home, particularly in essential areas such as the living room, office, or bedrooms, enabling guests to conveniently charge their devices wherever they may be situated within the premises.

Comfy Outdoor Areas

The outdoor amenities you offer will depend on the specific location of your property; however, the following amenities are certain to be highly appreciated by guests.

Outdoor Furniture & Lighting

Ensuring the provision of sturdy and waterproof tables, chairs, and loungers is of utmost importance for outdoor amenities. These essential furnishings guarantee that guests can comfortably relax and enjoy the outdoor space, regardless of the size of the garden or yard. 

You can simply transform a balcony into an urban oasis with just a few well-chosen chairs and a table. Also, consider incorporating durable cushions and, if space permits, a hammock to add an extra touch of luxury. Additionally, it is advisable to include a few well-placed lights or a fire pit to create a truly enchanting ambiance for guests to enjoy during the evening hours. 

These additions provide illumination and contribute to a magical atmosphere, allowing guests to extend their outdoor experience well into the night. They also help you enhance the overall outdoor experience for your guests and ensure their utmost satisfaction with the outdoor space available to them.

Private Pool

According to a recent study, a staggering 70% of vacationers prefer to book holiday accommodations featuring a pool— the allure of taking a refreshing dip while on vacation is universally appealing. Therefore, if your vacation rental is not achieving its optimal performance, consider investing in the addition of this highly sought-after amenity.

While it is true that private pools come with associated maintenance costs, they offer a significant advantage, especially in warm climates or for families seeking an enjoyable vacation experience. 

It is essential, however, to prioritize the proper upkeep and maintenance of the pool to ensure it remains visually appealing and functional when guests share their delightful moments by the poolside on social media. 

With careful maintenance and attention to detail, your property will become an attractive choice for guests seeking a memorable and relaxing stay with the added luxury of a private pool.

Barbeque Grill

If you haven’t already incorporated a barbeque grill at your vacation rental property, it is highly recommended to do it at the earliest. Over time, barbequing has become one of the easiest experiences that hosts can offer to their guests because it doesn’t require a significant capital investment.

The inclusion of a barbeque adds a delightful and interactive element to their stay, allowing them to savor delicious grilled meals and create lasting memories with their loved ones. If you already offer a barbeque amenity, consider taking it further to enhance the overall experience. 

You can introduce some special touches to elevate your guests’ barbeque experience. It could involve providing high-quality barbeque tools and accessories, offering a selection of unique marinades or sauces, or even organizing themed barbeque nights or cooking demonstrations to create a memorable and engaging experience.

Free Parking

In both urban and beachfront locations, guests often particularly value the convenience of not spending time searching for parking spaces. Providing hassle-free parking options at your vacation rental property will undoubtedly be highly appreciated by your guests.

Spacious Living Areas

Beyond the kitchen and outdoor areas, the living space holds significant importance as this is where your guests are likely to spend most of their time. To create a homely and inviting atmosphere, consider incorporating these popular amenities to enhance their comfort and overall experience.

Comfortable seating

Make a worthwhile investment in high-quality seating featuring durable, hospitality-grade fabric. This choice simplifies the cleaning process and ensures that the furniture maintains its pristine appearance for an extended period. To accommodate larger groups, consider including a pull-out couch, and provide blankets and throw cushions to enhance the coziness.


In addition to enhancing the visual appeal and contributing to a cozier atmosphere, thick rugs can significantly reduce noise transmission, particularly for guests residing in apartments or multi-story buildings. Consider incorporating rugs that complement your decor and create a more tranquil environment.

Information binder

Ensure that your guests have a seamless and informative experience by providing an information pack. This comprehensive binder should include essential details such as house rules, device operating instructions, local maps, guidebooks, and recommendations for nearby attractions. Equipping your guests with valuable information can enhance their overall stay and facilitate their exploration of the surrounding area.

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