Getting Your Property Rent Ready

You may have heard “Rent Ready,” “Move-In Ready,” or other similar terms used by real estate investors and tenants. While the terms are the same, the characteristics of a rental property that’s ready for tenant occupancy varies.

Every investor has their own idea of what condition a rental property should be in. After years of managing rental properties, we know what really matters is that the new tenant will be happy with the condition of the property after moving in. To achieve a consistent level of tenant satisfaction, a property should meet all the following criteria:

Cleaning: Professional deep cleaning of the property to include the inside and outside of cabinets, baseboards, fans and lights dusted, blinds dusted, and all other areas sanitized and polished. Carpets should be cleaned and free from any major staining and tile should be cleaned and free from any major staining or grout dirt.

Fresh Looking Paint: Walls and baseboards should be free of any major defects or damage. Paint should look fresh and have minimal markings from any wear and tear.

All Safety Devices Operable (Smoke, CO, Window Locks, etc): New batteries where applicable within the past 6 months. A certified fire extinguisher should be on the property.

All Appliances must work as designed: New refrigerator filter within 3 months

All Mechanical Systems Operate Correctly

Electrical and Light Bulbs: All light bulbs should match in their respective location or fixture and should all be the same color/brightness.

No Personal Property: This includes the garage, attic or sheds,

Landscaping: Lawn should be maintained, flower beds should be free of weeds and property should have overall curb appeal.

Preventative Maintenance: AC Filters should be new within the past month, AC service should be completed within the last 6 months, drain clearing should be completed within the last month.

All Exterior Lock Re-Keyed (To one key): For safety and liability reasons, all locks will be rekeyed so they are all alike for ease and no one else besides the tenant and management will have a copy. – Locks will be rekeyed at every turnover at owners expense.

Handing over a property that meets all of this criteria sets the tone to the tenant from the beginning. You are showing the tenant that you care about your property and that we expect the same from them throughout their tenancy and when it is time for them to turn it back over to you.

If you have specific questions about getting your property “Rent Ready” or need further assistance let us know!