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A single-family residential rental can give you a steady source of income as well as good returns on your investment in the future. However, it requires excellent management in order to have low upkeep costs and higher income without constant headaches and sleepless nights. If you want the freedom to enjoy your life while having the security of income that a rental provides, then you need to call in the professionals: Anchor Down Real Estate & Rentals.

Finding The Treasure: We Screen for Qualified Tenants

At Anchor Down Real Estate & Rentals, we know your investment home and the neighborhood it’s in like the back of our hands. That’s why we strive to find the right resident who will live in and love your rental home.

Property Management

We find renters who:

✓ Pay rent on time
✓ Maintain the property
✓ Follow the lease terms

We do this by having a thorough screening process that includes:

✓ Tenant criminal background checks
✓ Gathering landlord references
✓ Employment and income verification

Services We Offer:

Rent Assessment

Our rigorous rent assessment process takes into account various critical factors that influence the value and rental potential of your property.

We thoroughly evaluate the property’s age, surrounding community and neighborhood, rental history, and current housing market conditions.

Location is a key consideration for us, and we carefully assess the availability of essential amenities such as electricity, water, heating, kitchen appliances, and bathroom facilities.

Additionally, we identify optional but valuable amenities like in-unit laundry, parking areas, gardens, patios, or communal spaces that can enhance the property’s appeal to tenants and maximize your returns.

We also anticipate future rent increases to ensure your property remains competitive in the market.

Strategic Marketing

We present a wide range of marketing services for your residential investment property. These marketing services can help you get better leads and quality tenants without hassles.

Our experienced marketing team creates custom-designed, creative, and strategic campaigns for your property, using photography and videography to highlight the best amenities for tenants.

To enhance visibility, we list your residential property on various local listing sites and social networks of the area and promptly answer all property-related inquiries.

We market your property using innovative strategies to get optimum results and find tenants suitable for your property simply and swiftly.

Finding Tenants

We understand the importance of finding quality tenants who perfectly fit your residential requirements. We prioritize qualities such as effective communication, cleanliness, and a long-term mindset, ensuring that your property is in good hands and that tenants are likely to stay for an extended period.

We have a preference for financially stable and reputable tenants who demonstrate timely rent payments and take responsibility for property maintenance. Having such tenants not only ensures a consistent income stream for property investors but also provides long-term stability and potential investment growth.

Our team works diligently to find tenants who adhere to lease rules and policies and actively care for the property. By fostering responsible tenant behavior, we help owners reduce unnecessary expenses such as excessive maintenance, property damage, inefficient utility usage, and pest infestations.

With our dedicated approach, we aim to provide property owners with peace of mind and create mutually beneficial relationships with responsible tenants who will help protect and maintain your investment property.

Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening process is designed to be precise and transparent, making it easy to identify the ideal tenants for our property investors. We follow a 7-step process to thoroughly screen potential tenants and ensure the best fit for your properties.

  1. Rental application: We initiate the process by inviting applications including details like personal information, employment details, rental history and other related information 
  2. Background check: This is to verify  the applicant’s identity and know more about their tenancy history and criminal history, if any.
  3. Credit check: Credit checks enable us to get an idea of the applicant’s financial stability and debt, thereby assessing their capability to pay rent on time.
  4. Employment verification: This includes a background check into their current employment status and reviews from their current and previous employers.
  5. Rental history verification: We contact past landlords to know the applicant’s rental history and any history of evictions.
  6. Reference checks: These include verification of personal and professional references provided by the applicants to confirm the reliability and suitability of the applicant as a tenant.

Once we gather all the relevant information, we ensure an accurate selection of the most suitable applicant for your property.

Pet Screening

Florida has a high percentage of pet owners and having a pet-friendly property can increase the chances of renting it out faster. Of course, we ensure that all pet policies are in-line with the homeowner’s requirements for maintaining the property.

Pet screening processes can help know the pets and determine if they are an asset to the neighborhood. The process includes some questions, such as:

  • What is the breed, age, and gender of the pet?
  • How long has the applicant had the pet?
  • Is the pet house-trained or not?
  • Is the pet a service animal?

Many tenants have service animals for their health and safety concerns; we make sure to validate if these concerns are correct. We also verify if the tenants are ready to pay the pet security deposits and rent. All pet and tenant screenings are conducted per the Fair Housing Laws. We maintain a professional and unbiased approach while pet-screening all applicants.

Full Legal Compliance

Every investment property in Florida has to comply with all the provisions of the Fair Housing Laws. However, many homeowners may find it hard to stay updated with the changing rules and regulations relating to rental property management.
This is where our team of legal experts can help.

Our legal compliance managers help with filings, taxation, leases, accounting, insurance, and property investment concerns. We also conduct regular inspections and security checks to find issues like water systems, pest control, fire safety, and any other safety hazards.

An important responsibility is helping manage tenant evictions and protecting you and your property investment. From serving the notice to the tenant, filing a lawsuit in the court, and attending court hearings along with you, we assist throughout the eviction process.

Convenient Rent Payments

Gone are the days of tenant confusion and inconvenience when it comes to rent payments. We have designed a seamless and efficient rent payment system that caters to the needs of both busy tenants and property owners.

Our advanced system eliminates the hassle of issuing checks or drafts for tenants and saves time for homeowners who no longer need to travel to the bank for payment processing. With just a few clicks, tenants can conveniently transfer their rent directly into the connected accounts of the property owners.

Not only does our system offer convenience, but it also prioritizes security. We have implemented robust measures to prevent fraud and scams, ensuring the income of estate owners is safeguarded. The rent transfer process is quick and efficient, making it user-friendly for individuals of all ages.

In addition, our dedicated team is available round the clock, ready to assist homeowners and tenants with any queries or issues related to the system. We strive to maintain the smooth functioning of the system while fostering a strong tenant-owner relationship.

Custom Maintenance Options

Effective maintenance of the residential investment property is crucial for retaining tenants in the long run. Most homeowners know the vitality of the maintenance but don’t have the resources to conduct proper maintenance. For these problems, we provide custom maintenance solutions that meet your rental requirements.

Our team inspects the property and checks every nook and corner to enhance the tenant’s living experience. Our services include managing various aspects of rental maintenance, like heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical equipment, bath, and kitchen, finding pests, and examining attics, and basements. This helps prevent potential damage to the property and keeps it in top-notch condition.

We specifically focus on the property’s preventative maintenance to avoid any mishap. We work with a group of qualified vendors and professional service providers to provide high-quality maintenance services.

The best part? We provide 24/7 emergency maintenance whenever needed!

Rent Collection

Our rent collection system offers a seamless and automated process, eliminating the need for manual rent collection from tenants. Our user-friendly solution collects rent regularly, and timely payment reminders are sent to tenants, saving you the hassle of personal visits.

In addition, we provide detailed monthly rent statements that offer comprehensive information on rent payments, including dates, amounts, and any outstanding or late payments. Each property is assigned unique account numbers and codes, minimizing the risk of rent being misdirected.

By implementing this system, we ensure a professional and dispute-free relationship between tenants and property investors while providing transparency and convenience for all parties involved.

Property Accounting and Reporting

We ensure financial transparency by providing clear and detailed statements and books of accounts for your investment property. Our team regularly creates budgets and forecasts to assist property owners in managing their investments. Tenant ledger and reconciliation are meticulously maintained, including individual tenant accounts, rent payments, and security deposits.

We share detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to help you track your cash flow and assess property performance. These reports encompass comprehensive income and expense statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. With this information, you can make informed decisions regarding property maintenance, marketing, and reinvestment.

Our accountants prioritize financial transparency and provide hassle-free tax statements to simplify property tax filing. Rest assured, we strive to provide you with all the necessary financial information to keep you well-informed and in control of your investment.

Monthly Owner Statements

Owner statements provide a comprehensive overview of the income and expenses associated with your rented residential property. They offer a clear financial breakdown of activities for a specific month and provide insights on optimizing returns for your investment.

This enables home investors to keep track of all the expenses such as utilities, insurance fees, maintenance and repairs and property taxes and income from laundry services and parking fees.

Owner statements also provide information about vacancies, new leases signed, lease renewals, and any associated fees or expenses.

Anchor Down Real Estate & Rentals provides monthly statements of the cash flow and the returns on investment and makes strategies to boost the investment.

We also reduce speculation and guesswork, confirm accurate numbers, and build solid portfolios for your investment properties.

Owner and Tenant Portal

There are so many inquiries and questions tenants have from homeowners, and it gets hectic to reply to each query and keep track of the ongoing conversations on social media or other platforms. This is why we have an owner-tenant portal to answer all questions on your behalf with precision and clarity.

You can simply log in to your account on the portal, check all the information related to the property investments, and communicate with us directly regarding any issues you have.

Our owner and tenant portal is available 24/7, with full access to services throughout the year. Tenants can also check the progress of the services they requested with just a click. This ensures paperless communication and quick services without the stress of commuting or even making a phone call.

The owner-tenant portals maintain transparency and accountability in the tenant-landlord relationship and help in easing access to relevant information.

Property Evaluation

Property evaluation for every property is different for every property based on amenities, lot size, floor plans, and so much more.

Assessing the value of your investment property is crucial as it also defines the value of aspects like return on investments, insurance, taxation and filings, finances and accounting, and the actual value of the property since it is purchased. This depends on the amenities, community, and market conditions, its variations, and its impact on the valuation of the property.

Our property assessment analysis makes property valuation easy, fast, and accurate.

We use a series of algorithms and market data to quote the exact worth of your investment homes. This analysis covers the demand, supply and market conditions. Once we complete the evaluation, we will provide an in-depth report to help you understand the valuation and the areas where a little effort can make its value grow and bring better ROI.


Our entire management system was developed with an “owner mentality” and it contributes to everything we do. Here at Anchor Down Real Estate & Rentals, we have put a system in place to ensure every owner is 100% Satisfied with their investment property and the way it is being managed! Regardless of your circumstances, we can customize a plan to suit your style.

Anchor Down Provides Property Management Services in Bradenton, Florida

We Use Professional Marketing Strategies

From doing some preventative maintenance to taking professional photos, from writing a compelling description to listing your investment property on different websites and social media; we’ve got the strategies that will soon remove your property from the vacancies market.

We Do the Day-to-Day Management

Your Anchor Down Property Manager will fill all the required paperwork, balance your books, and do regular inspections for your Bradenton rental property.

You won’t need to worry about anything.

We Maintain and Improve Your Property

We have a wide network of local professionals who can repair or renovate your single-family residential home. We’ve got good relationships with them that allow us to get quality work at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Property Management Services in Bradenton, Florida

Where do you list my property?

Almost all of our applicants tell us they found the house on the internet. We post properties on several national web sites in addition to our own site. We also use signs and social media ads to promote properties we manage. We analyze each property and design a specific marketing plan that promotes your property in the most favorable manner.

What do you look for when doing tenant checks?

The quality of tenants can make or break an investment property. Screening tenants is a crucial step of the renting process. Failure to thoroughly screen tenants almost always ends up in headaches. We require all applicants to fill out a detailed application and submit it for processing/approval. A credit check is not enough! We also review their credit, income, and tenant history.

What do I need to know about legal obligations?

Florida is governed by many landlord-tenant laws. To have a successful rental business, understanding these laws is important. These laws can be quite extensive and range from security deposit laws to tenant privacy laws to Fair Housing regulations. The Anchor Down Property Management team stays up to date with these regulations and will act as an advisor to owners so they and their rental remain compliant.

Does retaining a management company mean I will not have any problems with my property?

NO! If you own rental property, then over a period of time, you will have problems of one sort or another. Whether the problems are related to maintaining the property or dealing with the tenant, there will be problems that need to be resolved. Retaining Anchor Down to manage your property will eliminate some but not all potential problems. Our experience will help reduce the number of problems related to a rental property. Problems that can’t be avoided must be solved.

Our expertise will help reduce the aggravation and potentially higher expenses related to solving these problems. We can’t prevent all bad things from happening, but we can help solve the problem for you so that you don’t have to handle it yourself.

Do you handle evictions?

Our vast experience in screening tenants helps us to assure you of qualified and responsible tenants. Despite the best efforts and practices, evictions can still happen. We have a thorough eviction process that adheres to Florida’s landlord-tenant laws. Rest assured if we must evict, the process will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

What if I have more questions?

Send us an email at Info@AnchorDownPropertyManagement.com or call us at (941) 224-2944. We’re happy to help you with all your property management questions. If you have a rental and are considering professional management, we invite you to schedule a call to discuss the benefits of professional property management with the Anchor Down team.

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