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The value of good communication cannot be overstated, especially when we’re talking about communication with your property manager, your tenants, your vendors, the HOA, and anyone else who plays a role in your Bradenton rental property.

Transparent, open communication allows for trust to be established. It creates healthy relationships, and it even contributes to your ROI. Making money on your rental property will be nearly impossible if you’re ignoring calls from your property or your tenants are unwilling to communicate maintenance needs in a timely manner.

Make communication a priority. Your earnings depend on it.

Establishing Expectations for Communication with Your Bradenton Property Manager

At Anchor Down Property Management, we work with owners who want to hear how their properties are performing all the time. They want details and regular reports. They’re likely to call us with questions, email when they have a concern, and spend a lot of time looking through inspection reports and accounting statements in their online portals.

We also work with hands-off investors who do not need regular updates. They simply want to be informed when something changes or something goes wrong. If a major repair is needed, we’ll get approval before giving a green light to the work. Otherwise, we trust them to check in through their portals and contact us when they feel it’s necessary.

The point is, we structure our communication style to what you need as a rental property owner. This needs to be discussed before you hire a management company. Make sure your style of communication and your method of communicating will align with the way the professional Bradenton property managers work. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time and money trying to communicate with your partners.

Effective Tenant Communication Increases ROI and Retention

Retaining good tenants allows you to avoid vacancy and turnover costs. That’s a huge plus for your cash flow and your long-term ROI. To retain those tenants, however, communication is essential.

We are strategic with our tenant relationships, and we nurture them throughout the tenancy. Our residents know we’re available, accessible, and responsive. We won’t ignore their phone calls or their maintenance requests.

This creates a respectful and positive rental relationship, which means:

  • On-time rental payments.
  • Better care of your investment property.
  • Lease renewals.

All of these things maximize your ROI and contribute to a more profitable rental experience.

Investing in Property Management Technology

Our property managers are committed to communicating with owners and tenants. They’re also very busy leasing, managing, and maintaining your rental property. So, we automate all the communication we can in order to keep you informed. Our investment in innovative technology helps us communicate better and manage your Bradenton rental home more efficiently.

We use technology to:

  • Communicate with prospective tenants when they’re scheduling showings.
  • Communicate lease details with tenants before they move in.
  • Communicate with tenants, vendors, and owners when repairs are necessary.
  • Communicate accounting statements and financial reports with owners.

All of the technology we use creates a communication platform that’s transparent and accountable.

Property managementIf you’d like to hear more about how we communicate with you and your tenants for the betterment of your ROI and your investment experience, please contact us at Anchor Down Property Management