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As professional Parrish property managers, we always conduct a thorough and well-documented move-in inspection before your tenants take possession of your rental home. Why? Because it protects your property. It also helps us to ensure the home is clean, functional, and ready to be occupied. 

Property inspections are an important part of protecting your investment, and they will be conducted at various times before, during, and after a lease period. But, the move-in inspection is especially important. It’s the best way to accurately establish the condition of your property before a tenant begins living there. 

A move-in property condition checklist will keep you organized and consistent. Here’s how you can best use them.

Take Care of Repairs and Replacements

A move-in property condition checklist will help you document that everything in your Parrish rental property is functioning and prepared for new tenants. While you’re inspecting, make a list of anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. This might be something as simple as a light bulb. Or, you’ll realize the air conditioning isn’t turning on properly. 

With a checklist in hand, you can be sure you’re providing a home that’s in excellent condition. Test everything to make sure it’s working and ready for the tenant to use. 

More than likely, you already did a complete inspection when you listed the home. However, it never hurts to double and triple check, especially when tenants are about to make that property their home. This also gives you an opportunity to note on your condition report that everything is in good working order. You won’t have to worry about early maintenance requests, and you can show your new residents that you care about the condition of your property.  

If you do come away with some checklist items for repairs that are necessary, get your vendors lined up before the move-in date. All work must be completed before your tenant takes possession of the home.

Cleaning is a Checklist Item

It’s very important to rent out a clean home. 

Your tenants will expect that they’re moving into a property that’s free of dirt and debris. Even more importantly, you’re establishing your own standards for cleanliness when you provide a home that looks and smells great. This shows the tenants how you expect to have the home returned to you at the end of the lease term. 

If you leave dust and trash in the property before tenants move in, you’ll have no right to expect that they completely clean the home when they move out. Keep your standards high. Hire professional cleaners to take care of every detail before the tenant moves in, and make sure your checklist reflects that all standards of cleanliness have been met. 

Document Property Condition with Photos

Take PicturesPhotos are the most important part of your move-in property condition checklist.

That’s because it shows accurate and detailed proof that the property was clean and nothing was damaged. If there’s a dispute over damage at the end of the lease term and you want to withhold all or part of the security deposit, you’ll need detailed descriptions from both the move-in and move-out reports, but most importantly – you’ll need photos.

A move-in checklist protects you and it protects your property. It also helps your residents because they shouldn’t be held responsible for pre-existing issues that may be present in the home. 

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