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Rental prices in Bradenton are climbing in the current market. If you want to nudge your rental value even higher, we recommend paying attention to the condition of your property. To earn the highest rents and attract the best tenants, you need to make your Bradenton rental property competitive. It has to stand out from all the other homes for rent, and it has to provide something that’s worth the extra rental dollars.

When you want to maximize your rental income, consider making some cost-effective renovations that will attract higher rents. You don’t have to rehab the entire property. Many of these suggested updates and upgrades are cost-effective and won’t require a lot of your time and resources.

Upgrade Your Landscaping and Curb Appeal

When it comes to renting out your property, aesthetics matter. A prospective tenant’s first impression of the property also matters. This is why curb appeal is so important. Make sure the front and outside of your property is welcoming and attractive. Mow the lawn and trim the bushes. Pull any weeds and clear out any cobwebs, insects, leaves, or debris. The property should look inviting and move-in ready from the outside.

While you want to make your landscaping look great, keep it clean and simple. Tenants are looking for low-maintenance lifestyles when they rent. You don’t want them believing they’ll have to spend every weekend keeping the outdoor space in good shape.

Replace Carpets with Hard Surface Floors

If you go into most apartment complexes, you’re going to find the dame low-grade carpet that you find everywhere. Your rental property can do better. Carpet is easy to stain and it looks worn after nearly every tenancy. Pull it out and put hard surface flooring in your property instead. Not only does it look better, it’s also easier for tenants to maintain.

There’s no need to invest thousands of dollars on bamboo floors or hardwoods. Plenty of laminates look great, and you can also work with tile or vinyl. Tenants prefer this type of floor and you’ll find you can charge more rent. If you want to keep carpet in the bedrooms, make sure it’s in good condition and replace it if it’s not.

Fixtures and Faucets are Great Renovations

Lighting can make a big difference in every room. Replace those boring overhead lights with something more modern. Take a look at the drawer pulls and the cabinet knobs in the kitchen. Installing fresh nickel hardware or something equally as shiny will have a nice effect when tenants are looking at the kitchen.

Faucets are another place where you can make some big improvements for very little money. Put in new faucets on sinks and tubs to give the house an upgraded look.

Energy-Efficient Appliances Increase Rental Value

Tenants are especially drawn to nice appliances in the kitchen. Stainless models would be great, but they don’t have to be top of the line. What will make a difference is energy efficiency. If your appliances are old and worn, replace them with new models that use less energy. This is a huge trend in Bradenton rental homes, and tenants will appreciate the lower utility bills and the smaller carbon footprint.

Rental prices in BradentonThese are a few ideas for how renovations can help you earn more in rent. If you’d like some extra help pricing your property or preparing it for the rental market, please contact us at Anchor Down Property Management. We’d be happy to serve as your Bradenton property management resource.