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Preparing your Anna Maria Island vacation home for your guests is one of the most important parts of your rental process. They’re going to arrive with high expectations, and you need to meet them from the very start.

We’ve been managing vacation homes on Florida’s Gulf Coast for quite some time, and we’ve put together a brief guide on how to prepare that property for the best possible guest experience.

Here’s where to start.

Make Sure It’s Clean and Welcoming

It’s not enough to have the linens changed and the trash taken out, guests are going to arrive expecting a perfectly clean property. Have your professional cleaning crew come in the morning before they arrive to scrub the bathrooms, clean the floors, and make sure every surface is spotless and shining.

Include some welcoming elements such as drinks and snacks or fresh flowers. Vacationers will appreciate these small, personal details.

Provide a Guide to the Home

Your guests will not want to waste a lot of time figuring out how to turn the television on and what the Wi-Fi passcode is. Create a binder or a worksheet that has everything they’ll need. You can also include some suggestions and recommendations for nearby restaurants and entertainment options. Don’t forget to include your contact information or the contact information for your property manager so they’ll know how to handle an emergency.

Check for Safety Issues

Every time you’re preparing your vacation home for new guests, you’ll want to do a quick check of the safety and security features at your home. Test the smoke detectors and change the air filters every month. Look for loose handrails, deteriorating appliances, or anything that could be a potential hazard. Make sure all the locks work on the doors and windows and check the outside lights to be sure none have burned out.

Leave Extra Sheets and Towels

Depending on the length of the stay, your guests may need a change of linens. Make sure they’re easily accessible and if there’s no laundry available at your rental home, provide instructions for what to do with the dirty sheets and towels that they’re no longer using.

Inspect the Outdoor Spaces

Whether you have a full patio, a fenced in yard, or a small balcony off the master bedroom, you’ll want to make sure the outdoor space is free from debris, dirt, cobwebs, and insects. Clean any cushions and check the lighting. If your guests are going to arrive after dark, they’ll need clear exterior lights that guide them from the driveway or garage to your home.

Let the Guests In – Remotely

You likely won’t be there to welcome every visitor in person. Most vacationers prefer to let themselves into the property when they arrive. This will require a lockbox or a digital key. Make sure it’s set and share any passcodes, combinations, or instructions with your guests before they arrive.

We also recommend you check in as non-invasively as possible after they’ve gotten settled. Send a message to welcome them and make sure they have everything they need for a great vacation.

Professional cleaningThese are only a few tips. We can share a lot more advice on preparing your Anna Maria Island vacation rental home. Contact us at Anchor Down Property Management, and we’ll talk about your rental home.