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There’s no reason to assume the landlord and tenant relationship needs to be an adversarial one. It can actually be supportive and respectful, and it should be. You’re providing a safe, habitable, and pleasant home for your tenants to live in, and they are agreeing to pay rent on time and help take care of the home. When both parties live up to their ends of the bargain, things go pretty smoothly. 

Improving the relationship you have with your tenants is something you should continue working on throughout the tenancy. It will contribute to tenant retention and ensure you earn a reputation as a well-respected landlord who provides an outstanding rental experience. 

Here’s how to build a better tenant relationship.

Communicate and Listen

Communicating openly and transparently and being responsive to your tenants will foster a great relationship. Tenants want to be heard, especially when something isn’t going right. Make sure you’re available and accessible to them. 

Actively listen to what your tenants have to say, even if it’s a complaint. When you understand what your tenants need, you can do a better job of meeting those needs. But, you’re not going to understand if you’re not listening. Resist the impulse to get defensive or to shut down. Keep the lines of communication open at all times, and be willing to hold yourself and your tenant accountable. Good communication is something all tenants are looking for in a landlord.

Provide Technology to Sarasota Tenants 

Technology is more important than ever, especially to tenants who may now be working or schooling from home. There are a new set of expectations among tenants, who may insist on high speed internet and smart home upgrades such as video doorbells and digital thermostats. These things matter, and if you’re willing to modernize your home and give tenants what they want and need, you’ll find they appreciate where they’re living and what you’re providing.  

This extends to rent collection and maintenance reporting. Tenants don’t want to drop off paper checks any longer. They appreciate online rental payments and a portal where they can submit routine maintenance requests in writing on their own time and from the comfort of their own homes. Make sure you’re set up for these things.

Respond Right Away to Repair Requests 

Respond to Repair RequestTenants tend to become frustrated very quickly when their repair requests are ignored or dismissed. Make maintenance a priority. There have been multiple surveys and studies that show the number one reason tenants leave the property they’re renting is because there’s a terrible response to repair requests. 

Your relationship with tenants depends on customer service. Stay in touch with them throughout the repair process and follow up after the work has been done to make sure everything is in good shape. 

A positive relationship with your tenant will lead to a more pleasant rental experience for everyone. Make sure you’re available to them and share all of your expectations and requirements before they move in. You want to set them up for success and establish yourself as a landlord who cares about their well-being. 

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