How a Parrish Property Management Company Should Show Your Rental Property - Article Banner

One of the most important parts of the leasing process is showing your property. When you have a Parrish rental property on the market, you need to make it available to prospective tenants who may be interested in renting it. If you’re working with a Parrish property management company, there should be a showing system in place that allows for the quick leasing of your home, with minimal vacancy loss. 

We’ve been managing homes in Parrish and the surrounding communities for many years. Here are some of the crucial things that are part of our process for showing properties. 

Prepare the Property for Showings 

Making a good first impression is important. The landscaping outside your property should be nearly perfect. You want a freshly mowed lawn, bushes and trees that are trimmed, and the removal of any trash cans, debris, or personal items. The home should look welcoming and inviting. Good property managers will schedule showings during the day, so there’s plenty of natural light. 

Inside the home, everything must be clean and functional. There shouldn’t be any personal items left behind by the owner or the former tenants. You want your Parrish rental home to be open and bright, so prospective tenants can imagine themselves and their furniture in the space. 

Don’t overlook the minor details. Tenants will notice things like lighting, paint, and water pressure. Your property manager will likely recommend some minor and cost-effective improvements before the showings begin. New fixtures on sinks, for example, can make a big difference. Clean carpet is critical and fresh paint as well. Listen to your property manager’s suggestions and do what you can to make your rental home stand out from the competition.

Ask Parrish Tenants Some Pre-Screening Questions 

An experienced Parrish property manager will ask some specific screening questions before a showing is scheduled. There’s no reason to waste time and resources on tenants who will not qualify to rent your home. Some of the most basic pre-screening questions may include:

  • The property is ready for immediate occupancy. When are you hoping to move?
  • Why are you moving from your current home?
  • Have you ever been evicted before?
  • You’ll need to earn three times the monthly rent to be approved for this home. What is your income?
  • How many people will occupy the home?
  • Do you have pets?

Your property manager cannot ask any questions that will violate fair housing laws. However, understanding the time schedule a potential tenant is on and knowing what they’re looking for in a new home can help weed out any tenants who won’t be a good fit. Make sure your management company has a written set of qualifying criteria that’s provided to potential tenants at the showing so they can decide whether they want to apply for your home based on your screening standards. 

Utilize Showing Technology 

Smart LockMany Parrish property managers prefer to show homes in person. There are several benefits to this, but the demand is growing for self-showing technology. Most tenants enjoy the freedom of wandering around a property on their own, without someone following them and asking questions. Self-showing technology such as lockboxes or smart locks also allow tenants to see the property on their own schedules. It tends to limit vacancy time and encourage quick applications. 

We would love to tell you more about how we show homes and what we do to ensure a positive Parrish property management experience when you work with us. Please contact our team at Anchor Down Property Management.