Have you been thinking of increasing your income from your Anna Maria Island, or any Barrier Islands, vacation rental? There are a lot of ways to outshine your competitors and gain a bigger slice of the rental market. Through these practices, you will be able to receive more as passive income from your vacation rental in the long run.

Short-term rentals tend to have higher profit margins, especially for popular travel destinations. This is why your vacation rental has an excellent shot of generating more income for you.

Here are tips you can follow for your Anna Maria Barrier Island vacation rental to capture more bookings:

1. Offer faster Wi-Fi

In a digital environment, slow Wi-Fi can be frustrating. Some vacation rentals can be disappointing in this regard, especially for digital nomads. People who book rental homes while doing remote work can end up going elsewhere instead, such as cafes. If there’s no way of working from the vacation home, this can lead to extreme disappointment.

A reliable internet connection in your vacation rental can be welcoming for guests. They’ll be happy since they don’t have to pay extra or look for a faster connection elsewhere. By simply choosing and investing in a higher tier internet speed, you’ll improve your guests’ overall vacation experience.

2. Invest in multiple streaming TV services

Guests book your vacation rental to explore the area’s beautiful spots. However, they also want to wind down through using TV entertainment at the end of a busy day. At times, the weather can be uncooperative for outside exploration so having streaming services available, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV, can be deeply satisfying.

Decorative image. Invest in streaming services

TV streaming subscriptions can be affordable if you calculate more guests bookings. The cost is spread out if your accommodation is always full. This amenity is not readily available in most vacation rentals or even high end hotels. So, you can maximize this marketing strategy in your own rental.

3. Upgrade your rental with kitchen appliances and fixtures

Most vacationers look forward to whipping up their own meals on vacation. This is also no exception in your vacation rental. So, it’s advisable to equip your property with useful kitchen fixtures and gadgets that elevates the holiday stay. You can install a topnotch coffee machine, wine cooler or provide granite countertops.

When you offer your guests kitchen amenities, you allow them to buy local produce from the farmer’s market and cook while on vacation. It’s a way for them to save up on dining costs and also sample the local food by creating their own meals. Most rentals only provide the basics, so guests spend a lot on restaurant meals.

4. Provide a secure parking spot

Locals often book for staycations and may bring their private vehicles to your vacation rental. It’s essential to have a designated spot for parking. Some guests want to save on transportation costs and eliminate car rentals. So, make it easy for them to have secure parking.

It’s also an additional income on your part since you can include a parking fee on top of your vacation rental rent.

5. Splurge on nice bed linens and towels

Keep in mind that vacationers book your vacation rental so they can reset, relax and rejuvenate from their day-to-day realities. It’s strategic to follow what the hotels invest in to make their guests’ stays more special. They make sure that they have the comfiest bed with luxurious beddings.

High quality bed sheets and towels

A high linen thread count matters if you want your guests to enjoy a fabulous rest. Fluffy towels also score high on the list. This is another marketing strategy that vacation rentals forget to employ in a bid to save. However, elevating your guests’ experience makes their stay more memorable.

6. Ensure you post sharp, quality photos of your rental

When vacationers are looking for a vacation rental, they’ll be scouring the Internet for photos. Your pictures should be attractive to steal their attention. Keep in mind what guests want and make sure you have photos of your rental’s best features.

Some photos should be displayed of your bathroom, especially if you have a bathtub. Post shots of your dining area as well and other amenities such as parking, fireplace, balcony and comfortable beds. People are drawn to pretty images and the more pictures you have, the easier it makes it for them to decide and the better chance you have for them to book.

7. Put together a location page

Crafting a marketing location page for your vacation rental means it will make it easy for vacationers to find more information about your place. It should include details about the neighborhood and nearby amenities.

Guests want to know how far away the convenience stores, popular attractions and shopping areas are from the rental. This also means adding the distance to public transport hubs and airports. You can also provide information about dining spots and grocery shops.

Put together a location page

Location pages help travelers estimate the distance to places they want to visit. If they find that your vacation rental is nearer to the downtown area or to the airport, for example, it’s easy for them to go ahead and book your accommodation. The important thing is to know what guests want and to be aware of your property’s selling points location-wise.

8. Find time to create a property video

While photos of your vacation rental can pull in prospective guests, a real estate video tour can garner even more interest. Post video clips so vacationers would know what to expect. It doesn’t need to be a major production, just keep it short, simple and realistic.

Bottom Line

Promoting your vacation rental need not be overly complicated. You just need to figure out what vacationers look for and add a dash of charming extras. This way, they can link the travel experience with a pleasant home-away-from-home mindset. So, the next time they visit, they’ll book your rental again or recommend it to family and friends.

If you need assistance in making your vacation rental stand out, contact Anchor Down Property Management today at (941) 301 8629. We are experts when it comes to managing Barrier Islands vacation rentals.