Residential Rental Owner FAQs

How long will it take to rent my property?

We will recommend a rental rate and terms that we think will attract a qualified tenant within 30 days. Market conditions vary, and we can’t make any guarantees as to when we will find a qualified applicant. Some properties lease immediately. Others take longer. We will provide you with updates and will modify the price or terms if necessary.

How Does Anchor Down Property Management Determine the rental Rate?

We have rented several hundred rental homes in the area and we also have access to listing information on many more units through the multiple listing service and internet. After inspecting your home, we can recommend items that might enhance your home’s value. Once we know your home and understand your goals, we will use our knowledge of the market to recommend a rental rate. It’s your property—we recommend, and you decide.

How will Anchor Down Property Management advertise/market my property?

Almost all of our applicants tell us they found the house on the internet. We post properties on several national web sites in addition to our own site. We also use signs and social media ads to promote properties we manage. We analyze each property and design a specific marketing plan that promotes your property in the most favorable manner.

How Does Anchor Down Property Management check the applicants credit/ reference history?

One of the most important aspects of making your experience as a Landlord rewarding is placing the right tenant in your property. While no one can discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, or familial status, we can screen applicants on the basis of credit and rental history. Once we receive an application from our marketing efforts, we conduct a detailed background check on the applicant(s). Some applicants can be very deceptive, even to the point of having friends or family members pose as former landlords or employers so that the information sounds good to the landlord conducting the background check.

To reduce the possibility of being deceived by an applicant, Anchor Down uses a multi-tiered background check to cross-reference each applicant. Our background checks consist of:

  • Asking to see a picture ID of the applicant.
  • Pulling a copy of their credit report and their FICO score.
  • Checking whether the applicant has had dispossessory warrants filed against them.
  • Getting copies of their paystubs or contacting their employer to confirm their source of income. If they are self-employed, we ask for copies of their tax return.
  • Confirming their landlord reference or residency history (mortgage payments).

    A thorough background check is crucial. A bad tenant can be very expensive due to lost rent, extra time spent having to deal with the tenant, and possible damage to the property. While no background check can eliminate all of the risks of a problem tenant, our thorough examination of their rental history can significantly reduce the risk.

Do I Have To Allow Pets Into My Rental Property?

Allowing pets is ultimately your decision as it is your property. I can tell you that over 67% of renters have pets so not accepting them could limit your rental income and how long it takes to find a qualified applicant.

Does Retaining a management company mean I will not have any problems with my property?

NO! If you own rental property, then over a period of time, you will have problems of one sort or another. Whether the problems are related to maintaining the property or dealing with the tenant, there will be problems that need to be resolved. Retaining Anchor Down to manage your property will eliminate some but not all potential problems. Our experience will help reduce the number of problems related to a rental property. Problems that can’t be avoided must be solved.

Our expertise will help reduce the aggravation and potentially higher expenses related to solving these problems. We can’t prevent all bad things from happening, but we can help solve the problem for you so that you don’t have to handle it yourself.

What If I Cannot Find The Answer To My Question?

Complete a request for information or email us at or by phone at (941) 224-2944 to help you with all your property management questions. If you have a rental and are considering professional management, we invite you to schedule a call to discuss the benefits of professional property management with the Anchor Down team.